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Ryan Cartwright (Gary Bell) on the Second Season of Alphas

Gary Bell (Ryan Cartwright) in Alphas Season 2Ryan Cartwright, who plays fan favorite Gary Bell on Alphas, recently participated in a press conference call on behalf of SyFy for a number of reporters and bloggers.

Here are some of his key topics covered about the upcoming season:

  • On developing the mannerism associated with his character’s autism
  • On where Gary starts this season
  • On his relationship with Bill and new character Erin
  • On Gary’s reaction to when Erin arrives
  • On this season’s new arc
  • On the villainous group Red Flag this season

Read the entire transcript at Sci-Fi Talk

On Bones, Ryan Cartwright portrayed Jeffersonian squintern Vincent Nigel-Murray in Seasons 4-6.

Eugene Byrd is the Acting Head of the Jeffersonian

Eugene Byrd (Mr Clark Edison) as temporary head of the JeffersonianToday on the Bones set, Eugene Byrd (@Vududaddy), as temporary acting head of the Jeffersonian, chose his next squintern from Joel David Moore (Colin Fisher), Luke Kleintank (Finn Abernathy), Pej Vadaht (Arastoo Vaziri) and Michael Grant Terry (Wendell Bray). Then, he took some time to dance in Brennan’s office. @MariaDanger9, undercover videographer, shot the footage while he lived out his Bones fantasy.

“Bones: The Search” Watch It
“The (Temp) BOSS” Watch It
“The (Temp) BOSS” (Alternate Take) Watch It

Comic Con 2012: Clique Clack Interviews Bones Stephen Nathan and David Boreanaz

Clique Clack catches up with Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan and star David Boreanaz in the Comic Con 2012 Press Room following their panel.

Stephen Nathan tells us Pelant will be a dark cloud over the lives of Booth and Brennan and the staff of the Jeffersonian throughout Season 8. Brennan has now found herself replaying the life of choices her father, Max once had to make. The situation with Brennan will be resolved so she can return to the show cleared of any wrong doing but she will also have to reconcile with Booth. Is love enough?

Where does David Boreanaz draw the intense, complex emotions he portrays in Booth? Will he be directing more episodes this season? Has directing affected the way he approaches his character? How important is it for him to broaden his career by working on other projects? His favorite stand alone episode was the Holloywood film. Will season 8 be his last?

Comic Con 2012: Bones Extra Interview with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel

Bones stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel take to the Extra stage at Comic Con for an interview in front of fans.

Favorite Comic Con moment?
Do you have fans ask you great creepy questions because of your role on the show?
What’s been your craziest fan experience?
Where will Season 8 pick up?
How awesome is it going into an eighth season?
Season 8 teasers
Anyone you are looking forward to catching at Comic Con?
What’s your favorite costume you’ve seen so far?

Watch David hand Emily his microphone when her isn’t working. When she has a coughing spell, he tries to get her water.