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‘Backstrom’ Is The Next Crime Drama From Hart Hanson

Even after the demise of The Finder, Bones creator Hart Hanson is up for another hour long crime drama project. In the same way Bones is loosely based on the Temperance Brennan books by forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, Backstrom will be based on the books of Swedish criminologist and novelist Leif G.W. Persson.

Evert Bäckström dislikes people in general and is dislike by most of his colleagues. He drinks too much, is racist, sexist, homophobic, has poor hygiene, is overweight, dishonest, selfish, stingy, dishonest, self-righteous and petty. He has one thing going for him. He’s an experienced and skilled homicide detective.

CBS purchased the rights last summer and with Hanson under contract with 20th Century, they have placed an order for a pilot episode.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

Bones Season 8 Episode 1 Begins Filming

Today marks the beginning of filming for Bones eighth season as announced by Hart Hanson. Some of the cast chimed in on twitter, including TJ Thyne (Jack Hodgins), Michaela Conlin (Anglea Montenegro Hodgins), Tamara Taylor (Camille Saroyan), John F Daley (Lance Sweets), Eugene Byrd (Clark Edison), Stephen Nathan (producer), and Ian Toynton (producer).

Booth’s family and his FBI job have been taken from him by a twisted madman. Brennan is on the run, following frighteningly close to a path her father was force to trod, after being set up by Pelant. The Jeffersonian carries on trying to clear her name without help from it’s brilliant forensic anthropologist.

So far, the few clues we have to follow are that Booth is in a bad position with the FBI thinking he has a hand in Brennan’s disappearance. Booth has a hard time with the absence of his family and a sense of helplessness. Cam’s instance on keeping their work above reproach will allow Brennan to return, cleared of all wrong doing by the courts. Pelant will be with us through more of season eight, continuing to challenge the team with his evil genius. Finally, even though Booth had to hand over his gun, there will be gun play in episode 1, “The Future in the Past.”

Dr Clark Edison name plate

The season premiere of Bones season 8 is coming Monday, September 17 at 8:00 pm ET.