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D. Mundo of San Diego, CA is the winner of a brand new copy of Bones: The Complete Season 6.

Thank you all for entering, the giveaway was big fun. As a result, I’ve encountered many new, avid Bones fans and had some great conversations. I hope you’ll continue to visit the website, follow me on twitter and enjoy the newsletter as we all experience Bones Season 7 together.

Bones Season 7 premieres November 3, 2011 at 9pm on FOX. That’s only one week from today! It’s a prefect time to give away a copy of Bones Season 6 on Blu-ray (or DVD).

Bones Season 6

After a much-needed break, forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) return to the Jeffersonian Institute, along with their team of investigative “squints,” for another darkly humorous season of murder, mystery, controversy and chemistry. In addition to a vast array of personal crises, ranging from Angela’s secret pregnancy to Booth’s new relationship with a beautiful reporter, the team tackles a complex caseload of gruesome crimes that includes facing a murderous Chupacabra, a trip to the Jersey Shore, the final return of the Gravedigger, and a vigilante sniper with a deadly link to Booth’s past.

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On November 3, 2011, the day of the Bones Season 7 premiere, one (1) winner will be randomly chosen from eligible contestants. The winner will receive one (1) copy of Bones: The Complete Sixth Season on Blu-ray (approximate retail value $48). At the winner’s request, one (1) copy of Bones: The Complete Sixth Season on DVD (approximate value $35) may be substituted. reserves the right to make the final decision.

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57 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win Bones Season 6

  1. How can anyone not choose Zacheroni as their favorite squint? He is made of awesomesauce with all his help at the Jeffersonian and for his general geniusness. Love for Zach Addy! I miss seeing his face each week.

  2. Wendell Bray! Cute, intelligent, and from a humble background. What’s not to love? I couldn’t even be mad at him for coming between Angela & Hodgins. Plus, he’s the most normal of the squinterns :)

  3. Clark, he had the guts to talk to Brennan about Booth and how he always thought they would rip each others clothes off.

  4. I love Clark and I love Wendell--but my all-time favorite squintern has to be Zack Addy! Too genius for his own good and I adore how Brennan took him under her wing--professionally and personally--showed what a caring mom she’d eventually be :-)

  5. Favorite squintern is Wendall. I still get emotional when he “loses” his scholarship, especially after he refers to working as “The Miracle.” He also has the best facial reactions to Bones’ seemingly inappropriate comments.

  6. Zack Addy because he was just the most adorable guy! And because he was perhaps less sociable than Brennan and had macaroni everyday for lunch, hence Zackaroni! <3

  7. Zack, he’s the ultimate squintern and adorkable he’s so much like brennan and yet so different. its cute to see him worship the ground brennan walks on.

  8. My favourite quinterns are --

    vincent- i love vincent but sadly he died he was so funny.

    wendall- wendall is by far my favourite quintern now that vincent died :( wendalls best catch phrase is -- ” i’m about to brennanise you”

    clark- clark is funny he is my 3rd favourite intern he actually put his bets on booth and brennan getting together :)

    other interns- i do not like arastoo that much and daisy is funny and colin, colin is colin

  9. Definitely Zach. He and Brennan had a unique understanding of one another that no other squintern has been able to replicate since. She said she found his intelligence soothing and went out of her way to get Booth to have some kind of connection with him (on the shoulder with an open hand!). And the episode when everything falls apart is the Pain in the Heart, very aptly named.

  10. My fave squintern is Wendell. I feel he’s the only one who works well with both the squints and the FBI.

  11. I think I am going to have to say Vincent Nigel-Murray. I loved his quirkiness when nervously spouting off facts while working on a case(This is not flaunting how smart he is-It was just a nervous ‘habit’). Of course, the facts he spouted did not pertain to the case he was working on most of the time, but it was cute anyway. He was also very sweet. Oh, can’t forget about his cute, british accent. Another thing is that he was very smart, but he did not flaunt it. Last but not least, he had quite a bond and connection with not only Dr. Brennan, but the rest of the Jef crew. It broke my heart as he was dying when he kept saying he did not want to leave and that he loved it at the Jeffersonian while Dr. Brennan is kneeling over him sobbing.

  12. My favorite squintern is Vincent Nigel-Murray. I loved his barrage of facts. They made me laugh, and always taught me something. I am going to miss him so much this season. The episode when he died was so well done. Even though I know what happens, every time I see it, it makes me cry.

  13. My favorite HAS to be Zack! Besides the fact that no one could possibly resist his adorable awesomeness, he is the original! He’s the only squint recognized as a regular “king of the lab” since the very beginning. And the fact that he will never be forgotten only accentuates that fact that he is by far the very best :)

  14. My favorite squintern was definitly “Mr. Nigel Murray”. His endless facts, awkward interuptions, his confessions! Wearing an Igauna as a hat to a party!!! As Cam put it ” He was such a sweet little wierdo, wasn’t he?!” The episode he died in was so tremendously effective! His death proves how important he was to the team and to the whole Bones and Booth storyline. No other intern (still on the team) would have responded that way in death or had that effect! Props for excellent acting to Ryan Cartwright!!!!

  15. Clark is my favorite because he always thought Booth and Brennan would rip each others clothes off. That deserves my loyalty. xD

  16. Clark Edison! He always tries to stay so professional, but then he breaks his walls down, and it’s hysterical!!!

  17. I love Wendell, he seems to have bonded the easiest & best with all of the other Jeffersonian staff members/cast members, too! As seen on a couple of other shows he recently had parts on; he shows a wide range of emotions. I especially loved his time with Angela, altho, I was rooting for her to be with Hodgins!! I love Wendell, I hope he is getting more hours in the Lab as promised by Cam.

  18. All love all of them but my favorite is Daisy Wick, she is so funny. I wish she was in every episode. I want to see her more this season. =)

  19. My two favorites are Zack--back from the days of the first three seasons--and Wendell, from the rotating squints days of season four onwards.

    I loved Zack because he had a way of bringing out the most interesting, and often comical, sides of people. He brought out Hodgins’s competitive side, as well as the side that showed just what an awesome friend he was. In Angela, he brought out her socially- and sexually-experienced side, since she was frequently gave Zack advice about his social life. Booth’s hilarious “violent” side was brought out when Zack would annoy him and Booth would threaten him with bodily harm (like when Zack asked Booth if he could ask for sexual advice, Booth just answered, “If you even try, I will take out my gun and shoot you between the eyes,”--that was HILARIOUS!). And, in Cam and Brennan, he brought out their softer sides, since both women on numerous occasions (especially in the season three finale “The Pain in the Heart”) displayed that, despite the sometimes stern attitudes they might take towards him, they did care about him a lot. Zack not only showed character development himself as he became more confident in his own abilities--both personally and professionally--he also had a way of bringing out character development, or at least more fun sides, of other characters.

    As for Wendell, he’s been my favorite of the rotating squinterns since the beginning! The relationship between Angela and him was a little unorthodox, but it didn’t bother me. It didn’t feel out of character at all to me for either of those two characters when they dated for a little while. In fact, their relationship ended up being the catalyst for Angela and Hodgins to end up together; before Angela and Wendell were dating, she and Hodgins were just kind of in the awkward breakup friendship stage, but after she began dating Wendell, Hodgins realized that he still loved Angela and Angela realized after the pregnancy scare that Hodgins was the better match for her. As far as Wendell’s personality goes, he just seems to be an all-around good guy. He does sweet things for people, comes from a modest background, and rarely acts rude or full of himself (‘The Pinocchio in the Planter” being one of the rare exceptions to this). He’s a good, loyal person who cares about and sticks by his friends. Out of all the rotating interns, I feel that he is the closest to filling Zack’s old role as a good friend of Hodgins, but it the opposite from Zack in that he gets along the best with Booth (as shown especially in “The Fire in the Ice,” when they are on the same hockey team) and, instead of his comical effect coming from a lack of social knowledge, it comes from knowing exactly how to crack a relevant, funny joke at the right time. Though he is quite different from Zack, he is, in my opinion, just as good.

  20. Wendell Bray!!!!!! Hi is both smart, cute and a very good addition to the jeffersonian gang! He also had to work hard to gett the job at the jeffersonian.
    And i think Brennan and Booth likes him to! He seems to be one of the few interns that’s actualy pretty normal. He was realy nice to Angela, and when Angela thoth she was pregnent, he took responsebility! LOVE HIM!:)

  21. I love zack addy! him and brennen had such a good dynamic together… I can’t wait for the new season.

  22. My favorite squintern is Mr. Vincent Nigel Murray because he always has a “Did you know…??” fact for everything and although it was annoying to others on camera, I thought it was interesting how he knew so much. I think I remember in one episode, he was actually stumped when someone asked him a question.
    I was really sad when he died but they had such a lovely tribute to him singing “Lime in the Coconut” as his body was being put into the hearse.

  23. My favorite squintern? At the moment Clark, I loved that episode where he ripped his clothes off for his g-friend on V-Day. As I recall he didn’t want to do it, but he did because he loved her so much. I also liked how nervous he used to get around Angela when she was checking him out and making comments about him.

  24. Wendell Bray is the best! Booth and him playing hockey was awesome! I love there is squnitern Booth can relate too!

  25. No contest, Zack Addy all the way. He was the most amazing actor, portraying an amazing combination of cold, disconnected brilliance combined with a naive, little-boy quality that was incredibly humorous,endearing and poignant all at the same time.

  26. Zack is still my all time favorite intern. The experiments he and Hodgins did were epic. My personal favorite is the frozen pig through the wood-chopper. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

  27. I love bones. I’m one of Bones’s biggest fan. My favorite squintern is hands down is Daisy because she’s nuts!!! She tries so hard to do the right thing, to impress Dr. Brennan but something always wrong. She’s over the top, excessively excited, sexualy hungry, and a genius. The ultimate geek!!! U can’t ask for better.

  28. This is extremely difficult. How can anyone just choose one squintern? I know everyone will probably say that Zack is their favorite and he’s mine too! But honestly, I don’t think of Zack as a squintern. He was part of the team.
    That being said, my favorite squintern is probably Daisy. Why? Because she’s insane. She’s completely and totally bonkers. But she’s hilarious. The very presence of her on my TV screen makes me crack up.

  29. Vincent Nigel-Murray without a doubt!! I loved all those crazy facts that he spouted out whenever he spoke. And I loved his quirkiness and absolute nerdiness, especially in the last episode he was in. It’s easy to see why he was Brennan’s ‘favorite’. I absolutely adored Vincent and I’ll miss him like crazy!

  30. I know i just have to pick one, but i love 3! I fell in love with Zack since the beginning, he was the most adorable genius and he wasn’t annoying due to his intelligence. Besides it was so sweet to see how emotionally attached he and brennan were to each other, she was willing to sacrifice her intellectual integrity just so that he wouldn’t go to jail! I also love Wendell he is the whole package, attractive, intelligent, and has a hhumble background, besides he can be a good nerdy squintern while at the same time fit in with the Suits (Booth/FBI). Lastly Mr. Nigel-Vincent Murray was the squint that i was really sad to see go, for one i loved all his quirky facts, they were amusing and you wouldn’t believe how many of his fun facts i remember and sometimes spout out to my own friends! Besides the scene in which he got shot was so emotional and heart-wrenching, props to Ryan Cartwright for being such a good actor, the cast of Bones clearly misses him. On a different note, how can you not love the squintern that shacked up our two favorite leads?! Go Bones!

  31. Hands down there is no doubt that my favorite is Zack Addy “King of the Lab”. His relationship was instrumental to each character on the show. His loyalty to his friends was evident even when he turned to the dark side for a minute…he helped his friends in the end. Brennan and he had a special bond that has not been replaced by any other squint since then!

  32. Vincent! besides his quirky facts, any person that gets the team to sing “the lime in the coconut” gets my vote.

  33. Vincent Nigel-Murray, because he spread a rumor that him and Bones were lovers. Haha. AND he once said “Because we were stupid enough to fire a cannon indoors.”

  34. My favorite squint is Zack. I also have much love for Clark ,Wendell , and Vincent. I’m sad that Vincent that is gone , but you must remember that Vincent’s untimely death caused Brennan needing to be comforted by Booth , resulting in a baby !!!!!!!!!!!!! Booth and Brennan are now together !!!!!!

  35. Zack will always be my favorite, because I liked the way he interacted with the other characters, especially Hodgins and Brennan. I felt like he was more a part of the family then any of the rotating interns. Clark would be my second favorite because he was the only one with enough courage to comment on Booth & Brennan’s relationship status; making me choke on my drink I was laughing so hard.

  36. My favorite intern is (was?) Vincent Nigel-Murray! He was so interesting and intelligent, and he had obvious passion for forensic anthropology. I loved his excitement when he and Brennan were going to present their paper on the Comparative forelimb osteology and biomechanics of theropod versus homo sapiens. Vincent had such a unique personality. Even though his random facts sometimes were irrelevant or got in the way, they were cool and fun! And he even used them to comfort Hodgins when Hodgins and Angela were worrying whether little Michael was going to be born blind. Vincent added a really positive element to the squintern team, and I was very sad to see him go.

  37. Zack Addy!! I love his attitude and how loved he is by the other characters, and he’s hilarious. And HE DIDN’T KILL ANYONE.

  38. Vincent Nigel-Murray is my favorite because of his random factoids and how his accent played off of all the other characters, but most importantly, the apologies in Season 6 for things he did under the influence. They were hilarious! Especially what he shared with Angela and Cam! Admitting those things took a strong and uninhibited (though alcohol would make you more uninhibited!) person. His death was very sad, but I’m also very glad Michael Staccato ‘Vincent’ Hodgins carries on the name for Mr. Nigel-Murray. A very nice memorial tribute indeed. Go Angela and Jack!

  39. Nigel — I love the episode where the squinterns “nerd-out” and wait in line to see Avatar and Nigel ends up in tent with the tatoo-ed girl. I love Nigel’s macabre humor and dark-brooding. But I agree with posts that name Zack, too.

  40. Zack all the way. Wish he was still on the there. Everything about Zack is my favorite. He had Bones had an understanding about them. He was a true genius. Cute as ever. Loved his relationship or lack there of relationship with Booth. Always trying to ask Booth for sex advice, very funny. Thought Booth liked him cause he ignored him. Loved the fact that his own psychological disorder helped him with patterns and reason for cases. No one could say scientific info like Mr. Addy. Loved the logic that 2 1/2 of a degree equaled a whole. And again he is just so darn cute.

  41. My favorite intern is ZACK. He really was brilliant and he played well off of Dr. Brennan. They were very much in the same brain hemisphere. Zack always came up with some unique way to make his point or his presence felt. My next favorite is Wendall. What a great almost normal character who displays a unique humbleness and
    strength of character found through his struggles with poverty, determination and goodness.

  42. Zack Addy, no contest! I miss the innocence he used to bring to the show. He and Brennan were such a great team.

  43. Vincent Nigel-Murray was amazing!. I know, nearly everyone else loves Zack…but there was just something about Vincent that made me smile whenever he was on screen. He was just there…BAM with his little quirqy facts …things that I found myself using in class…there just aren’t enough words for me to tell you how much I love Vincent. One of the things that cemented him as my favourite was when he told Brennan about using her Iguana as a hat for a party. I think it was just the way in which he told her but it had me in stiches…i’m still laughing about it now whenever it comes to mind. My heart broke whe he was laying there after Broadsky shot him…his poor little face…just pleading with the universe to stay. I can honestly say that, that moment Vincent left the ‘Bones’ world made me cry…the only thing that has ever done so. Vincent will always be my favourite…no matter who comes along next!!. :) <3

  44. Vincent all the way! I miss his interesting facts. I always felt smarter when he was the squintern of the week. RIP Vincent :( Only 2 more days people!!!

  45. my favorite squintern is totally Wendell. He’s so cute, and I love the way he was there for Angela and Hodgins when they were so scared about the baby. I’ts great how he’s been such a good friend to them both even though he and Angela used to have feelings for each other. Great guy.

  46. I’m a fan of Wendall because he’s the most ‘normal’ of the bunch. They’re all interesting, but he’s more like me and my friends. We’re pretty normal until you get us talking about our area of interest and then we’re off in our own little world. :-)

    I have to admit, I love the variety of squinterns. It reflects the reality of people in the sciences and helps remove some of the stereotypes people have.

  47. My favorite squint is Zack Addy. He hasbeen punished enough. He really only witnessed the murders of Garmagon. I think Bones would love to have Zack back.

  48. Mr. Vincent Nigel Murray. He had my heart the moment he started spouting weird, (but completely relevant, or course!) facts. Every episode he was in was amazing, even if the plot otherwise was not my cup of tea. (Can’t think of any right off the bat but I know there is some…)

    My absolute favorite line of his? Comes from season 6’s Babe in the Bar. “I beg of you not to look at me directly.” Even after not having seen that episode for MONTHS I still remember that line perfectly. <3

    I was devastated when he died. When the rumors first started coming out, I thought for sure if would be Sweets, I was even thinking about what a good plot that would be, it seemed as though they were almost setting him up to die. Ya know? Then when I read that Wendall was in the sides for the season finale… there really was no other option in my mind. But then… Sweets was also in that episode, and…

    I refused to believe it until the moment that bullet hit him. Then I spent the rest of the episode crying, then a good couple hours after that doing the same, then I rewatched it the next day and repeated the process.

    (In my defense… I was on my period, so, ha.)

    Well, that's pretty much it.

    RIP, VNM.

    P.S. It alos bugs me so bad when people can't remember his name, or they call him Nigel, is it really that hard?

  49. Zach is my favorite! After all it was HIM that found hodgins n bones when they were buried alive. Who else could’ve done that? Wendell? Daisy? Fisher? Puhlease! Only Zach could’ve figured that out! Bring Zach back!!

  50. My favorite squintern is Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray. I absolutely love his random spouting of facts. I also love the episodes where he is was apologizing for stuff he had done while he was enebriated (such as wearing Brennan’s iguana as a hat and tying it down with ribbons).

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