We love the television series Bones. Don’t you?

When we first sat down to watch Bones we were pleasantly surprised by the intellectually witty murder drama. After just a few episodes, we went back to season one and quickly caught up. Each week, watching Bones is like welcoming friends to join us for an hour.

I was never really what you’d call a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan although I know the names of all the main characters and have seen enough episodes to plan along. It was David Boreanaz in his spin-off Angel that kept me coming back each week. This was back when vampires knew how to take charge and weren’t as sparkly.

David brings depth to Special Agent Seeley Booth with his crazy socks and cocky belt buckle. Alongside Temperance Brennan and the staff of the Jeffersonian, we’ve laughed and cried. We’ve seen them near death and celebrate life. We’ve seen couples fall in love, get married, and start a family. We’ve been there on the journey with them and enjoyed every moment.

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