Bones Season 7 Promo Will Tug Your Heartstrings

Finally, this promo puts everything in place Bones fans have known about Booth and Brennan all along. Sit back and grab a tissue because you’ll need it in the next 56 seconds. “…and it’s just the beginning.”

When Booth and I first met I didn’t believe that such as thing as love existed.

— Temperance Brennan

Catch the Season premiere of Bones, Thursday, November 3 at 9pm on FOX.

2 thoughts on “Bones Season 7 Promo Will Tug Your Heartstrings

  1. Absolutely love this promo…been watching all episodes from Pilot to present and I pray they don’t leave us fans in the dark on what transpired between The Hole in the Heart and The Change in the Game….because from a one night of love which we are led to believe happened to her becoming pregnant and from what the promos show from the first few episodes is very vague at best we need the middle bad!

    1. I hadn’t considered details buried between these two episodes. I was taking them at face value and relying on the previous five seasons worth of history between Booth and Brennan. It does feel like the season 6 finale episode contained too much to process. I’m very interested in where season 7 picks up.

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