Bones Season 8 Wrap Party (May 4, 2013)

Bones Season 8 Wrap Party was held at the The Emerson Theater in Los Angeles, California on May 5, 2013. DJ Bobby French was spinning the tracks as the cast and crew celebrated the end of another season and the anticipation of the a break before the pending Season 9.

Anya Garnis and Dmitry Chaplin from So You Think You Can Dance and the Bones ballroom dancing episode “The Diamond In The Rough” (Season 8, Episode 10) were killing it on the dance floor.

Even after calling it wraps, TJ Thyne reports the crew returned to the set the following day so they can finish up two bonus episodes they’ve been filming for Season 9. Maybe they don’t know what the words finale and hiatus mean.

Enjoy these tweets about the details of the party!

Bones wrap party with @ankurbhatt

You recognize this guy @themgt

#BONES wrap party with @kech99

One thought on “Bones Season 8 Wrap Party (May 4, 2013)

  1. I don’t believe Bones will be the same. The ending was awful and booth can not expect Brennan to act as if things are okay. Everyone needs a beak from the show and I hope you all enjoy yours. I have been a fan since episode one and truly feel sorry for what Booth keeps putting Brennan through. She has come so far and now he has pushed her away, no matter the reason you don’t break the heart of the one you love. After being turned down before he should know how it feels. They need a break to try and restore the love they once shared.

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