Emily Deschanel Hosts “Veg Appetit” (Jun 16, 2013)

The organically versatile SmogShopp in Culver City, CA served as the setting for the inaugural Humane Society of the United States’ “veg appetit” fundraiser hosted by Emily Deschanel, Sunday, June 16. The $200/plate event featured vegan fare prepared by Chefs Tal Ronen of Crossroads and Yves Fournier of Andrei’s. “We’re celebrating vegan food, encouraging people to take the steps, and kind of showcasing how incredibly delicious vegan food can be,” Emily said, excited about her participation. “The money goes to support farm animals through the Humane Society.” The proceeds from the event will benefit both the Farm Animal Protection Campaign and the Hollywood Outreach Program.

Emily, a 20-year vegan, just wrapped up an Action Alert for PETA on animal cruelty in the dairy industry. In an interview with HappyCow.com, a site about sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices, talked about raising her son Henry vegan. “I had a very healthy pregnancy and a very healthy child who’s doing incredibly well. He loves eating vegetables and I don’t know a lot of kids we can say that about.”

She also looks forward to the new book by The Pillars of Health, John Pierre, a long time vegan nutritionist and fitness consultant. “He changed so many peoples’ lives for the better, making them healthier and happier.”

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Veg Appetit 2013

Veg Appetit host Emily Deschanel’s interview with Ken Spector from Happy Cow.

Emily’s exposé Ditching Dairy
You have to admire an actress who feels passionately about her causes and is willing to go the extra step to make them known!

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