Michaela Conlin on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (January 8, 2014)

Michaela Conlin (Angela on Bones) appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on January 8, 2014 along with guest Mark Wahlberg.

Michaela reveals she’s a sucker for a burger and a little eye contact. Even though she’s from Allentown, PA, she prefers Hall & Oats to the music of Billy Joel. She spent the Christmas break visiting her nephews in Florida. She also enjoyed a solo trip to Iceland where she saw volcanoes, a lot of sheep, and very attractive people.

Hart Hanson provided some helpful tips for her visit to the show like not starring directly into the mug on Craig’s desk because it’s bewitching.

Michaela behind-the-scenes at the Craig Ferguson Show.

Michaela Conlin to the right. William Shatner to the left.