Daisy Wick

On Bones, Daisy Wick is portrayed by Carla Gallo and makes her first appearance in season 4, episode 3 “The Man in the Outhouse”.

Daisy Wick is one of Dr. Brennan’s rotating interns. She is known for her nonstop talking and lack of impulse control. Daisy is devoted to her job, and Dr. Brennan; she is always trying her best to impress her. Many find her constant outbursts irritating.


Daisy had a dysfunctional family, and always wanted a sister s04e08. She loves Indian food and dogs, and hates hiking and traveling s06e06.

Her favorite color is in the 630 to 740-nanometer range (Red), and her favorite number is “either of the two Feigenbaum Constants” s06e08.

In college, she minored in psychology s04e03. She tells Hodgins she learned to use a mass spectrometer during her summer internship at Johns Hopkins s04e08.

She’s a speed reader s05e15.

To help Dr. Brennan with her birth, Daisy trains to become a certified Doula s07e07.


Daisy begins working at the Jeffersonian in s04e03 “The Man in the Outhouse.” She gets fired after her first case. She gets re-hired, but then fired again by Dr. Sweets for being too annoying. She also shatters a skull after carelessly handling it (s04e08 “The Skull in the Sculpture”). Dr. Brennan gives Daisy one more chance as a personal favor for Sweets. He says that he has been working with her and teaching her a breathing exercise. (s05e05: “A Night at the Bones Museum”). Daisy proves herself to be a very knowledgeable and insightful intern when she and Dr. Brennan bond over the Egyptian mummy, Anok. (s05e05: “A Night at the Bones Museum”)

Daisy gets to work in the field with Booth for the first time when Brennan can’t make it in s07e03 “The Prince in the Plastic”.


In s04e03 “The Man in the Outhouse”, Daisy mentions her boyfriend thinks it’s weird that she enjoys dead bodies. She says she thinks it’s weird he enjoys playing the accordion. She also implies he talks back, leaves the window open in the cold, picks at his plate, and pees on the toilet seat.

A relationship between Lance Sweets and Daisy is hinted at when he calls her at the end of s04e03 “The Man in the Outhouse.” Then it is confirmed in s04e08: “The Skull in the Sculpture” after Sweets fires Daisy.

In s04e20: “The Cinderella in the Cardboard”, Booth and Brennan witness Daisy trying on a wedding dress with a man. When Sweets confronts, her she admits that she was trying on the dress for her cousin who was out of town, because the boutique had it’s annual sale.

Sweets cheats on Daisy with a girl named Tory Payne while waiting on line for the movie Avatar. Daisy never finds out. (s05e09 “The Gamer in the Grease”)

After Sweets witnesses a man die, he realizes how short life is. So, he proposes to Daisy and she accepts. (s05e15 “The Bones on the Blue Line”)

Daisy gets the opportunity to work in the Maluku Islands with Dr. Brennan. Sweets decides not to go with her. (s05e22 “The Beginning in the End”)

During s06e01 “The Mastodon in the Room” it is revealed that they are no longer engaged, and Daisy gives her ring back to Sweets. By the end of the episode they are still together, but not engaged.

Sweets contemplated proposing to Daisy again in s06e13 “The Daredevil in the Mold,” although he didn’t go through with it.

In s08e04 “The Tiger in the Tale” it is revealed that they bought an apartment together. Sweets started having doubts, and at the end of the episode he breaks up with Daisy.

Daisy mentions she has been seeing a pathologist in s08e19 “The Doom in the Gloom”, but it’s on-again off-again. She also mentions she’s still living in the apartment she and Sweets bought.


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Special thanks to Sarah Meima (@smeima447) who reviewed all the episodes where Daisy appears and took great notes.