The Male in the Mail

Season 7, Episode 4
Air Date: December 01, 2011


Dismembered remains are discovered in several mailing boxes at a dead letter office, and the Jeffersonian team identifies the victim as an employee of a local Ship ‘n’ Print, where the staff recently split the winnings of a lottery prize. The team uncovers a complicated love triangle between two married employees and the victim, and while motive points to the husband (guest star Ben Savage), a critical clue leads them to solve the crime definitively. Meanwhile, Booth’s grandfather (guest star Ralph Waite) breaks some unexpected news, and Special Agent Genny Shaw (guest star Tina Majorino) learns the importance of teamwork.

Squintern: Eugene Byrd as Dr. Clark Edison
Directed by Kevin Hooks

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Bones 7×04 Promo “The Male in the Mail” (German)

Tina Majorino previews her return in ‘The Male in the Mail’
BONES guest star Tina Majorino (Agent Shaw) talks with’s Marisa Roffman about her return to the Fox series.