Pej Vahdat Opens “Blood and Gifts” At Lincoln Center

Pej Vahdat in Blood and Guts cast photo
It would take a U.N. diplomat to explain the stage relationships among Jeremy Davidson, Michael Aronov, Pej Vahdat, John Procaccino and Bernard White.

On Bones, Pej Vehdat plays squintern Arastoo Varziri but on Broadway, he appears on stage in Blood and Guts, now playing at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Blood and Gifts┬átells the story of the secret spy war behind the official Soviet-Afghan War of the 1980s. Spanning a decade and playing out in Washington D.C., Pakistan and Afghanistan, the play follows CIA operative Jim Warnock as he struggles to stop the Soviet Army’s destruction of Afghanistan and tells the story of the unknown men who shaped one of the greatest historical events in recent history.

Favorable reviews are in from Backstage.

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