Comic Con 2012: Clique Clack Interviews Bones Stephen Nathan and David Boreanaz

Clique Clack catches up with Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan and star David Boreanaz in the Comic Con 2012 Press Room following their panel.

Stephen Nathan tells us Pelant will be a dark cloud over the lives of Booth and Brennan and the staff of the Jeffersonian throughout Season 8. Brennan has now found herself replaying the life of choices her father, Max once had to make. The situation with Brennan will be resolved so she can return to the show cleared of any wrong doing but she will also have to reconcile with Booth. Is love enough?

Where does David Boreanaz draw the intense, complex emotions he portrays in Booth? Will he be directing more episodes this season? Has directing affected the way he approaches his character? How important is it for him to broaden his career by working on other projects? His favorite stand alone episode was the Holloywood film. Will season 8 be his last?