Ryan Cartwright (Gary Bell) on the Second Season of Alphas

Gary Bell (Ryan Cartwright) in Alphas Season 2Ryan Cartwright, who plays fan favorite Gary Bell on Alphas, recently participated in a press conference call on behalf of SyFy for a number of reporters and bloggers.

Here are some of his key topics covered about the upcoming season:

  • On developing the mannerism associated with his character’s autism
  • On where Gary starts this season
  • On his relationship with Bill and new character Erin
  • On Gary’s reaction to when Erin arrives
  • On this season’s new arc
  • On the villainous group Red Flag this season

Read the entire transcript at Sci-Fi Talk

On Bones, Ryan Cartwright portrayed Jeffersonian squintern Vincent Nigel-Murray in Seasons 4-6.