The Secret in the Siege: Pelant’s Twisted Obsession with Booth and Bones

Bones Season 8, Episode 24
“The Secret in the Siege”
Air Date: April 29, 2013

I stayed away from Twitter last evening on purpose. I didn’t want to hear anyone else’s take on this episode before I was able to watch it. Living on the west coast is sometimes very frustrating. Let me just say, I have a bad feeling about this episode and the last fifteen minutes of waiting for it to start KILLED me. *sigh*

OK…so…I wrote this up first right after the episode ended…and then I decided to sleep on it and edit it this morning because, it ended up being much longer than I intended…again. I’m going to change tactics this time and and assume you’ve all watched the episode and don’t need details on what happened.

This episode seemed to fly by. In the first segment a body is found, the victim is identified as a former partner of Booth and already, Sweets and Booth are suspecting that Pelant is back. In the second segment we’re introduced to a second victim and a witness and Booth gets a phone call from Pelant telling him the rules of their game have changed.

By the third segment, our team knows Pelant has an accomplice, he’s using Sweets work against them and Brennan begins to really worry about Booth. Before the first half hour-ends, Brennan has reversed her stand on marriage (which was still intact in the opening sequence), and has called Booth to meet her by a pretty little gazebo so she can give him jerky and a proposal. It was a sweet moment, although the location had me curious. It was one of a few things that seemed out of place or…odd.

The pace slowed a little in the second half-hour, but the tension ramped up. It seemed like they reversed the commercial breaks on this episode, putting twice the number in the first half hour. In the fifth segment everyone learns Booth and Brennan are engaged…and a whole lot more about Pelant. In the final segment, the accomplice is revealed, and a tension filled race to catch her and save Sweets after Booth is revealed to be the decoy ensues. It’s Booth to the rescue and then we get a sweet Booth and Brennan reunion followed by an adorable moment in the park with Booth, Brennan and Christine that turns sour.

This is the part that made this write up difficult. I had to really analyze how I felt about the final two scenes…and why. I waffle between totally understanding why it ended the way it did and by how cliched it felt. I’m also really glad I’m not part of an epic love story relationship because I am not strong enough to withstand the constant obstacles. Even after sleeping on it, I’m still feeling rather cynical about things. I’m hoping that changes after I have a chance to watch the episode again tonight.

Did I need a tissue at the end? Nope. Was a surprised? Nope…well, I was surprised by who the accomplice was, but not by Booth breaking Brennan’s heart (and his own). This is how they work. Brennan breaks Booth’s heart. Booth breaks Brennan’s heart. I really should go back and count the few moments in the past 8 years where they’ve been on the same page at the same time. From my recollection, there is one season that ended with me feeling excited and happy about Bones…and that was season 6. It’s not a very good ratio for leaving a season with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

However, it is a bit predictable for ending a season feeling angst and anger. I think I’m just too tired to put in the effort. I did have a few nagging questions that will likely bother me for a few more days.

1. Why the gazebo as a location for the proposal? It just felt…out of the blue and weird. I’m sure the proposal felt that way for some viewers, although I’m not sure why. The subject was certainly visited many times in the past few episodes.

2. Who was that FBI agent in this episode? If we’ve seen him in a previous episode, I don’t recall it. Why was he introduced in this episode because he didn’t seem to play a significant role. His actions could have been performed by any unnamed background character. Was his character created as a rewrite because the actor who played Flynn was not available?

Deep down, I really hope the ending is a case of, Booth once said with regards to Pelant, nothing is what it seems. I hope the tears Brennan was shedding are not because Booth has broken her heart, but rather because she is devastated that what should be one of the happiest times of her life has been tainted by the twisted obsession of a mad serial killer. That she is finally giving into the stress of what being under that constant threat is doing to her family. I really hope that secretly, Booth has found a way to tell her what’s going on and together, they’ve agreed to play out this scenario, letting Pelant think he has won this round. Because that level of deception on Booth’s part about a subject as important as this has been to both of them? That’s HUGE…and the damage it would cause could be irreparable. Trust is the most important part of a relationship and they have always been able to trust each other. They are always better, stronger, more effective when they work together. Otherwise, this ending was just the reverse of last season and…yep, clichéd.

I’m looking forward to three or four months of sunshine, working on projects around the house, watching my son get married, spending time with family and friends eating BBQ, and taking a short vacation from work. It’s almost summer, baby! Whoo hoo!