Pelant: Who is He Really After?

Bones Season 8, Episode 24
“The Secret in the Siege”
Air Date: April 29, 2013

Christopher Pelant is back and badder than ever.  Although it appears he is changing the game up,  he is targeting FBI agents.  Killing two agents that  had a previous case in common with Booth, they quickly figure out who is behind the murders, if not the actual murderer.

Brennan, Booth and the whole team band together to try and catch him for good this time.  Unfortunately, Pelant is way too slippery, and is now using the money he stole from Hodgins to fund not only his equipment, but a hiding spot.

When Brennan finally proposed to Booth, There was a collective shout of joy.  Too bad it was short lived.  Pelant calls Booth when he, Brennan and Christine are in the Park.  Threatening to kill 5 innocent people if he weds Brennan or even tells her why he is now refusing to marry her.  He let Booth know in no uncertain terms that he is watching them.  Booth’s response?  “I will find you and I will kill you.

That is interesting, because Booth has never enjoyed or actively sought to kill anyone.  His whole purpose for doing the job he does at the FBI is to balance the Cosmic Scoreboard.  He wants to catch as many killers as people as he killed (which he has).  So, for him to say this, means that Booth knows what has to be done, and that it is the only way for him and Brennan to have any sort of life together.

But is Pelant really targeting the FBI?  Is he really after Booth or Brennan?  I believe, that from the first episode that he appeared in, that he has some connection to Hodgins.  Yes, he was targeting the FBI corruption with his code about the criminals that were let go on major felonies so that they could become confidential informants.  But at the end of the episode, he asks how did Hodgins appreciate the code.  Then he taunted Hodgins in the cemetery, to the point that Hodgins choked him out.  Then he left a body in Hodgins house and flowers in his son’s crib. He stole all of Hodgins money.

Because Booth and Brennan assisted Hodgins in finding out the code, and what was going on, He targeted Brennan to remove her from the equation.  When that didn’t happen, and Booth ended up shooting him, he then targeted the FBI, Booth and particularly, Sweets.  Why did he choose Sweets?  It is because Sweets figured out the linguistic styles of his writing that lead to his capture and cleared Brennan.  Pelant can not have anybody helping Hodgins.

I think that his attempt to keep Booth and Brennan apart is only because he he wants to keep them off balance.  If they are having personal relationship problems, if there are issues, then the partners would not be able to effectively track him, which will ultimately lead to Pelant’s demise.  He may also be using this as a way to try and tear the whole team apart.  If they are angry at Booth, then no one will be effective in their jobs, and the lines of communication will be damaged, making it harder to solve any other crimes.

The one hope that I have that Booth and Brennan will finally be together is the fact that non of the relationships on this show are easy.  Remember Hodgins and Angela?  Engaged, failed wedding ceremony, new loves only to finally get married in a jail cell.  Then Cam and Arastoo?  Hiding the relationship, then he almost dies.  So, yes Booth and Brennan will finally be together.

This episode was great, although quite heart breaking for Brennan.  Do I think that Booth will be able to make it up to her?  Yes, I think in the end their relationship will be stronger, because once these trust issues that are now arising will be dealt with once Pelant is caught.  David Boreanaz did a wonderful job of directing as well as playing a tortured Booth.

Once again Emily Deschannel has brought a whole dimension and range to Brennan.  Letting herself give in to her feelings for Booth, and then quietly crying away from his presence, she brought new depth to the character.  Will this push her back into hyper-rationalism?  I think that she may retreat a little, but I also think that the rest of the team will figure out that something happened that caused Booth to change his mind.  Cam knows Booth, and she will be the first one to question him.

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2 thoughts on “Pelant: Who is He Really After?

  1. I was watching Season 5 last episode last night and the soldier who approaches Booth and tries to persuade him to go back in the Army, guess what his name is………………………….? PELANT… Now I found that
    to be more than interesting. Does it tie into anything. I have no idea. Go and watch it and it is very plain on
    his uniform. Just an interesting thought.

  2. I also watched it last night and saw that. That maybe Pelants brother, too young to be dad. I still think he is after Hodgins, because almost everything he has done has been against Hodgins.

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