Brennan In The Rough

Bones Season 8, Episode 10
“The Diamond in the Rough”
Air Date: January 14, 2013

Okay, so crystal encrusted bones are found on a paranormal show, which means that Brennan can’t see the body site. The skeleton is beautiful, yes, but it is a problem for the team to find cause of death because they can’t see the bones.

Finding the ID on the victim is a different matter. Discovering she was a competitive dancer who was scheduled to audition for a dance show, Sweets suggests that Booth and Brennan go undercover. Why? Because we discover that Booth’s mom taught him to dance, and that he taught dance lessons at $30.00 an hour to put himself through college. Sweets has a field day with this.

So, now, enter Buck and Wanda Moosejaw. This is hilarious, because David Boreanaz (Booth) is a well known hockey fan and Moosejaw, Canada is home to a hockey team.

Signing up for the dance contest, we see Booth’s dancing abilities, which are great. We also see, that although she is brilliant, although, she thinks she has good coordination, she believes she can learn dancing from watching t.v. or the other performers. We soon see that is not so.
Investigating the murder, they attempt to question several people, with little success. It is a competition, and the competitors do not like talking to others. Seeing the various attempts is rather amusing.

Meanwhile, Angela is having a crisis of her job. She remembers that she was an artist, but now only draws murder victim’s faces. She finally resolves this in a later episode, but enter Hodgins to at least get her through today.

The finale to the show is when they catch the murderer, but Brennan still wants to compete in the competition. With everyone in the audience, we soon see that she tries to lead, is stiff and unnatural. Fade to her being natural…and we see the hall empty. This is great, because it means that Booth took the time to teach her how to dance, even after the case.

This episode appeals to me on so many levels. First, we get to see Sweets give Booth a very hard time and calls him a gigalo regarding his dance lessons. Second, we get to see Brennan be awkward, not only with people, but with movement this time.

The story line in this is great. It has a problem for everyone to solve, not just for a common goal, but for themselves: Brennan it is dancing, Angela, it is her art, Booth, it is teaching dance, Hodgins it is helping Angela. The cast was given a whole range to perform, and once again, they rose to the challenge.

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