Bones Season 9 Episode 1 Review – The Secrets in the Proposal

Bones Season 9, Episode 1
“The Secrets in the Proposal”
Air Date: September 16, 2013

Well, after a very painful hiatus Bones is back with season 9. The first episode “The Secret in the Proposal” brought us a very hurt Brennan and a very mad, angry, furious Booth.

The episode started with Booth going to “confession” to a former priest, Aldo, an old friend of Booth from his time in the military.

“I lied to the woman I love” were Booth’s words to him, and the only words Booth felt secure to say in front of all those technologic devices, obviously feeling no kind of trust, knowing that Pelant is “watching him”.

Personally, I would have the same thought that Aldo has… this guy is paranoid, but after Booth confessed everything to him he started to understand the situation and how dangerous Pelant can be, advising Booth that the best thing to do was find him and kill him.

“Have you notice that a dead body always saves Booth from confronting his demons”, Sweets told to Caroline when they try to “Confront” Booth about what is happening.

Related to the case, they found human remains inside a fan from a hotel. At the scene we just found Brennan and Cam but when Booth got there the situation turned a little awkward between them. What I didn’t understand was why Booth was the one who acted a little mean to Brennan, avoiding her and unable to answered her phone calls.

The investigation leads Booth and Brennan to the hotel room where the murder victim was staying, where we could see more awkward time between them; first of all Brennan trying to avoid working with Booth something hat he notice, and making him try to explain why he didn’t answer her calls giving Brennan the opportunity to tell him that Angela say he is lying. Even when Booth said those words, “I’d die for you, I love you” Brennan wasn’t even able to believe in those words, and who could blame her, his actions spoke before his words.

In this episode the squint there was Daisy. I don’t really like her but I love when she and Hodgins make their experiments to find out what happened to the bodies. In this case, they have to “clean” the big fan, take out all the remains and try to find some evidence. They found an artificial stapes giving them the chance to identified the victim; Jonas Sidell, a worker from the State Department.

In this episode we also saw the hard situation between Booth and Angela. Many people could think that Angela is being mean to Booth, but, honestly, she is doing what anyone in her place would do, she is Brennan’s best friend, she knows she is hurt and , even when she doesn’t know Booth’s reasons, he is the man who hurt her friend.

Meanwhile, Brennan and Booth, mostly Brennan starts to feel desperate about the situation between them, “We will pass trough this” Booth told to Brennan causing her to react in a very understandable way asking him what are they gong through and making Booth have the desire of tell her the whole true, but realizing is not possible at that moment.

When Booth and Sweets go to check at the victims apartment they found Danny Beck, another of Booth’s army buddies who works for the CIA, and with this they found the murder victim was working for the CIA.

“When Temperance finds out you put her happiness ahead of the lives of 5 innocent people how will she react”, that question popped up in Aldo’s head to Booth, and that’s true. But is also true that Booth is a man of justice and, unfortunately he would do anything to protect anyone from dying, even if he has to sacrifice his own happiness or that of the woman he loves.

Brennan and Daisy found out that the cause of death was two blows to the head and Angela found a photo of the victim with a woman whom turned out to be the victim’s assistant.

After dig on evidence and interrogate suspect after suspect they found out that the murderer was a coworker of the victim who was in love with the girl he slept with, saying what everybody says, I didn’t mean to kill him… well at the end he killed him.

Getting back with Brennan and Booth, Brennan went to Aldo’s bar and he found out she was “Booth’s girl”, thank God for that man because he kind of convinced Brennan to have faith in Booth. He told her Booth wants to marry her more than she does, and that he has his reasons for what he’s doing. I think it was also Cam who helps Brennan’s trust return, because at the end, Brennan came home and gave Booth the most beautiful speech I’ve heard, though, he thought she was leaving him, that almost, broke my heart, his face thinking that was so sad, but the she said:

“I have absolute faith in you, I trust you… I know you love me and Christine and… I’m sorry I lost sight of that temporarily; you’re a good man, you have your reasons and when you can you’ll share them to me… I’m sorry.. but we’re fine… but next time is your turn to ask me to marry you…”

It was a good ending, everything most of us were expecting, Brennan getting again her trust in Booth and understanding that, he did what he did for a good reason, even if she doesn’t know that reason, but that is love, trust in your partner right.

The bad thing of the end, Pelant makes himself present, changing the time at the clock (the magic number 4:47) and we all realize he really has something to do with this number.

At the end I think it was the perfect season premiere episode.


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