Bones Season 9 Episode 2 Review – The Cheat in the Retreat

Bones Season 9, Episode 2
“The Cheat in the Retreat”
Air Date: September 23, 2013

A body is found in a trash container when two Animal Control officials attend a call of a bob cat. When they caught the bob cat they found he is actually eating a human arm.

Meanwhile, Cam and Arastoo are stopped on their way to work by a very racist official. When Cam starts to argue with him, he asked for her ID and found out she is wanted by the authorities, accused of check and credit card fraud and is arrested.

Going back to the case, Booth and Brennan got to the crime scene where Hodgins, as usual, is digging into the trash container examining the remains, and Brennan found out that the skull is missing; with that Hodgins informed her that sometimes bob cats climb trees and hide the food, so they find the skull up on a tree.

Cam got to the lab and informed everybody there (Arastoo, Angela and Brennan) that she has been victim of identity theft … poor Cam goes through a lot of stress because of it, thinking she has to go through it by herself, but soon, everybody shows her it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because the bob cat destroyed almost the whole face it is hard work to make the facial reconstruction, but they found out that the victim suffered from a disease very rear in the United States so they investigated in the Department of Public Health.

They identified the victim as Adam Pak, a married Korean guy. Before this, Sweets made a wrong analysis of everything they found and when Booth gave him the correct information Sweets started feeling overwhelmed.

The investigation leads Booth and Brenna to a couples retreat, something a little bit awkward given the situation they are going through, because it is a married couples retreat.

In Cam’s situation, Hodgins offered her the services of his lawyer, that way, he can help her to solve her situation, but Cam keeps denying anyone’s help.

In Brennan’s house, she and Angela keep talking about the situation with Booth. Brennan said to Angela that she is being mean with him and Angela asked her why she isn’t. The most awkward moment came when Booth got home and found Angela there… it really seemed a very awkward moment, they don’t really talk to each other, she is mad at him and he is mad at her putting Brennan against the wall.

As soon as Angela left their house, Booth and Brennan start to talk about the case. That’s when they agreed they have to go undercover to that retreat undercover as Tony and Roxy characters… I have to say, I love every time they go undercover, but God, Tony and Roxy are my favorites. The way they talk with that Jersey-Italian accent, how they dressed and even the way they walk is so funny and sexy.

At the retreat Tony and Roxy (but most of all Booth and Brennan) start to talk about their “secrets”. When the guy said to Brennan… Roxy in this case that maybe he uses her brain more than her heart Booth thinks the guy just made the point.

When all the couples at the retreat gather, Brennan and Booth found out that the victim and her… partner, who ended not being his wife, have a lot of problems and secrets between them.

“Everyone have something they’re afraid to tell their partner, but if you find the courage to open up is always for the best”… here is when the shaman actually touched a very sensitive point in Brennan giving her the opportunity to talk, and, as Roxy, she said that Tony has secrets to her.

In one of the funniest scenes in the episode Roxy said that she has a secret to share, telling “Tony” that she dislikes when he wears the beer hat in the bath, making him look foolish and making her feel that she married a child… I think I’m not the only one who thinks that it was a complaint from Brennan and not form Roxy, and the best part is when he answer “Are you kidding me” and she said “No Tony I ain’t” with that “Tony and Roxy “accent.

Once “boys and girls” are separated they go to have girls and boys talks.

Brennan, as usual, can’t hide her scientific talk when one of the girls started to talk about the toxins they are sweating, causing that the girls to almost catch her but, saving the talk with a distraction. I think this scene is really funny, because Brennan made some kind of ritual to call one of the girl’s ancestors, it really made me laugh the way she start to shake pretending she is actually calling the spirits, just to get some information of the victim’s “girlfriend”.

In the lab everybody is working in the case but also, they are trying to find a way to help Cam, so, Angela started to search into Cam’s finances, to see if she can help her solve her problem. I think this was one of the sweetest things in this episode, because, even when Cam kept denying that she needed help, her coworkers didn’t give up and keep working and searching, and Arastoo really gave his support to her.

Is in this episode when Sweets started to think that he wants to leave; he talked to Angela and told her that he wants to leave for a while – something that doesn’t really like to her. He thinks that at the moment he is not really doing what he’s supposed to do, help people, individuals, and referred to himself as a healer. Obviously the whole thing with Pelant affect too much to Sweets, making him think about leaving, and feeling guilty just like anyone else.

Back in the retreat Tony and Roxy had to participate in the exercise of trust and communication. I have to admit, I stop breathing watching this scene. Booth dressed like a sumo wrestler going through a course guided by Brennan. It was so funny to see Booth that way because, his character can be funny with some things, but watching him like that was something I would never expect.

After Brennan finished the course, she discovered that the course could be the murder scene, so they interrogate the shaman finally telling them who they actually were.

The shaman said they have no jurisdiction there, but it didn’t stop them so they kept searching but now out of the retreat.

In the sweetest thing that Arastoo could do, he took some lunch for Cam, knowing that at the moment, her finances are not the best. I love the scenes between Cam and Arastoo because they are so romantic to each other and Arastoo support so much Cam at that hard moment.

Later Angela went and talked to Cam saying what she has being doing to help her causing Cam to cry, I think of happiness because she realized she’s not alone on the problem.

Sweets at the end, decided he’s taking time off and announced it to Booth with a letter, something that doesn’t make Booth so happy.

Related to the case, the team discovered one of the couples of the retreat, the Schumachers were the murderers. The lady hit Adam in the head with an eight ball and when they saw he tried to run the husband ran him over.

At the end of the episode Booth and Brennan tried to put in practice something of what Brennan learned at the retreat.

I have to say this episode was amazing, it was so fun, form beginning to end, I laugh a lot, but also I felt so sorry for Cam, though, it was great to see the whole team working to help her go through the situation.


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