The Pathos in the Pathogen: What will Cam do?

Bones Season 8 Episode 23
“The Pathos in the Pathogens”
Air Date: April 22, 2013

The Lab is in lock down from the very beginning. The CDC has done a surprise inspection on a hazardous waste material dump site, only to find a body that is more decomposed than it should be in a bag with veterinary waste. Realizing that it has been exposed to some type of bio-hazard, the CDC asks for the Jeffersonian’s help in determining the ID of the body.

The ensuing investigation has Booth locked out of the lab, and feeling helpless that Brennan is investigating what is potentially a deadly outbreak of an unknown pathogen, putting her life and the lives of all of his friends at risk.

When Arastoo is accidentally poked with the end of a needle that they failed to notice in the humerus, he becomes ill with the deadly disease. This creates a race against the clock situation, for without the definitive organism and a treatment to cure, Arastoo will die.

This episode shows a whole new side of Cam (Tamara Taylor). She is a very private person, so the relationship that she has been having with Arastoo Viziri (Pej Vehdat) has not had any significant screen time. This is keeping in line with almost all of Cam’s other relationships. She does not discuss personal things at the Lab, with exception of Michelle. The depth of her performance during this episode is great to see, and hopefully will continue.

Booth (David Boreanaz) is left to figure out who injected this woman with the deadly pathogen. Using his helplessness to see Brennan and protect her, his barely controlled fury at Brennan’s life being put in danger keeps him going.

The fact that Hodgins (TJ Thyne) looks outside the box for something to slow down if not cure, in natural medicines, is something that is rarely seen on this show. This shows that they still respect some of the old ways.

This episode was wonderful, especially the way that Brennan gets the anti-serum to help Arastoo. That has got to be one of my favorite scenes of all time. A truly enjoyable episode that shows new depth to a variety of characters.

Ronna Doescher

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